1. Magic Happened With Karrah Kobus

    2015-03-03 18:25:00 UTC
    3/2/15 I went over to Karrah’s house to try out a new lens and somehow magic happened. Magic usually happens when I’m with Karrah but I was not expecting it yesterday. I am in love with this set and the lens that I borrowed(Sigma 50mm 1.4 ART for all the…

  2. Spontaneous Road Trip to Florida!

    2015-02-08 21:02:55 UTC
    01/07/15 - 01/13/15 This trip started out with a Facebook post from Ali Kvidt asking if anyone wanted to go on a road trip with her! Ali and I had never met before but I followed her photography and she followed mine! We got in her car and our only…